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Sculptured Body 1body:  the whole physical substance of a human being, animal or plant (living things).

sculpture:  the art of shaping.

bodysculpture: The Art of Fashionably Sculpting the Body, Spirit and Mind; as only You can do!



When thinking in terms of the body we conceive the entire being, not just a segment or a portion i.e.…face, torso, legs Body Sculptured 2etcetera.  We think of the total human entity. When speaking of sculpture or sculpturing, it’s the art of bringing one’s total being into shape. Since the body consists of factors seen and unseen (physical, spiritual, mental and so on) in order to achieve true bodysculpture we must work on all aspect of self to attain oneness.  BodySculpture!



This site was created for the purpose of soul edification.  When you visit here, you will find a place where the mind, body and soul is nurtured through poetry, uplifting stories, words of wisdom, delicious recipes and other “positive” means to promote growth.  A place whose focus is more on the good things that are happening in our world today and ways of improving and enriching our day to day living. Balance!



Sculptured Body 3

BodySculpture begins and ends with self, looking inside to bring about a change outside.  Teaching yourself to think outside the box, so that you become more innovative in your learning and understanding. Listening to your soul when it speaks to you by daring to step out on “Faith”, not always knowing what the outcome will be.  But, having the belief that you are being guided by a deeper understanding of who you are. Realizing that the lessons we learn will enhance our growth and encourage us to know that, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.  Believe in the power of You!


Prayerfully, you will find the strength to persevere through whatever trials may come your way, causing your growth to be successful.Sculptured body 5 Freeing yourself from the constraints that hold you back from doing the things you were birthed to do. Evolving into that spectacular being that’s inside, reminding us all of the Blessings we receive on a daily basis. Even though we may not be where we want to be at this time, we are still here!  With that in mind we have another opportunity to work at something that could be significant to us all. Thank you for stopping by and hopefully you will visit again, possibly share a story, a poem or even a recipe.  Taking and giving a little food for the soul in more ways than one, that’s what this site is all about.  Sharing!

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 Complete Freedom!

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Sad Eyes ~ Main Gazane

Art Sculptures are created by Zeno Frudakis; I took the pictures while in Philadelphia on an excursion with my younger sister Jackie.  Biding time while her surprise birthday party was being completed! ♥



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