Good Morning Love (Everyone)!

August 26th, 2016

Good Morning Love (Everyone)!

Mindset Matters in Every Aspect of Life.

Walking this Morning and communing with Life, I began to ask questions about the things that I desire for Myself and Others.  The Thought that surfaced time and time again was, “What’s on your mind”. It took Me a minute to realize that I was being told to analyze My thinking. What I continue to ponder on and look to is becoming and that’s creation in Progress and Process.

The things  We study repetitiously becomes. The News We listen to, the Music We Love, the People and Places We interact with on a Daily and not so daily basis plant seeds of Progression or regression.

We create Our physical world contingent upon B. S.(Belief Systems). Everything drops a vibration that becomes a materialization according to what We think. What we think, Truthful or Not…Good or Bad eventually becomes. In essence,  what We think, We look for and what We look for We eventually Find.

Today Love, use Your Mind to Elevate Yourself  and Those  around You. Success is one Powerful thought away. Always remember,  no matter where You may be, You are Loved and there’s nothing You can do about it!

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