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Some of the fashion that You will see were created by Our resident designer Body Sculpture by: Mayola! Other styles featured here are fashion picks from well known and up and coming designers.  There will be interviews with some of these artists that create not dictate, but show a quality worthy of support that They may not receive from mainstream.  Fashion should be the individual’s taste and not the imposition of the masses. Knowing how to be confident in the skin You’re in; is what Body Sculpture is all about.  You!   



gray and shrimp dress for website front

Blueish dress from wedding

lingerie for website  front








Poetry and Quotes

Words that encourage You to think and become.  Uplifting and motivating; joyous and invigorating; this is what Our site will promote and propagate.  Anything that will enlighten and cause positive vibrations, is what You will find here.  Words carry a lot of weight and what We read, We ponder and what We ponder becomes part of who We are. There’s enough negativity being spread, Body Sculpture is about sharing, Light, Life and Love.  Going after the feel good and the inspiration that fortify those emotions.

"We As Women" Commemorative Poem

A Grateful Heart is never Blue! ~ Chris Harrington

Healthy Living

In this section You will find articles on health, fitness, recipes and things that help create a more vibrant You.  Tips that encourage and elevate Your life to higher standards in living.  Green articles, hair and skin remedies,  beneficial reading and information that You can use now.  Subjects that help You master the art of You. Embracing the total person from the inside out instead of the outside in.  

True Love among the ruins

Devoted to all things about Love, this section is sure to please some, possibly anger others, but more importantly give Everyone a desire to look deeper into Their thoughts on Love and its existence in today’s society.  Does Love really exist or is it just a figment of the imagination?  Can We get back to Love and leave lust alone.  Is it possible to have a monogamous relationship with the opposite sex and it be True Friendship.  Are families as We know it, facing distinction and considered disposable like throwing out the garbage?  Does being unconditional in Your Loving mean that You are a door mat for all to walk across? We welcome Your thoughts, opinions and questions!

Everyday People

These stories are about people like You and Me, the next door neighbor, Your co-worker, Your family, the things they are doing and creating to bring about a positive change in our society or in their Own lives.  Triumph and perseverance, never giving up regardless of what stands in front of them.  That indomitable spirit that surpasses all understanding and gives You courage to face another day.  This news worthy section will highlight people from all walks of life and the journey that makes them unsung heroes.



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